Changed by Charity

Ten years ago I was blissfully unaware of the great things accomplished and impact made by charities in the UK.


Ten years ago I was blissfully unaware of the great things accomplished and impact made by charities in the UK. Why? Mainly because I had never had to ask for or need help from a charitable organisation. We had just had our first child, who was a very happy and healthy wee soul, I was back to work in Oil & Gas industry, our lives were just ticking along as planned. Yes I was aware of charities, especially the large national ones as I’d always donated, sponsored or supported friends and family in their challenges and endeavours. What is difficult to comprehend before you are on the receiving end of help and support from the third sector is the diversity of charitable groups across the UK, proving local, regional and national services which support many different needs.

Our lives have been completely changed by charity since the birth of our youngest son. He is a surviving twin, our daughter passed away at just one day old and from this moment we have been interacting personally with a variety of local and national charities. From the Friends of the Special Nursery who provided the most beautiful items for us to have some memories of our daughter, to Children’s Hospice Association Scotland who support our son and us with respite and care at Rachel House Children’s Hospice and are at the end of the phone if we need to talk, to The Archie Foundation who support funding for special lycra suits for children with cerebral palsy and movement disorders, the list goes on and on. We are exceptionally grateful to all of these charities for being there to help us when we needed it.

Charity has had another impact on our lives, due to our son’s severe disability and 24/7 care needs, I was unable to go back to work in my management role at an Oil and Gas service company. I cannot believe that since then I have been changed by charity on so many different levels. I’ve had a crash course in starting and operating a charity which directly supports families like our own, learnt to navigate the governance, paperwork and management that is required on many different levels and to multi-task more than ever. I’ve never written so many policies, procedures, reports and documents! It is fantastic to be able to get help when we need it but to give something back is very rewarding too, it keeps me busy and out of trouble! Have you been changed by charity?

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