Emotional & Family Support

Sibling support – This can take a variety of forms, supporting siblings on an individual basis. This may be whilst going through tough times at home, worries regarding their brother or sister’s medical condition, struggles at school, separation anxiety, college or job. Providing an observation at nursery or school with regards to changes in behaviour possibly connected to their brother or sister’s medical condition. Allowing opportunities to talk about thoughts and feelings in a safe, confidential and supportive environment. This could take place at home or school/college (in a private room) or at a venue of the individual’s choice.  

Sibling support groups – These are in addition to the sibling activity groups, providing age appropriate tips and techniques on managing worries, talking about families within a group setting and peer support to show that some of the anxieties and worries they face are also experienced by their peers. Group activities arm the siblings with information that will help keep them safe and informed. Many siblings will become young carers, providing activities like first aid, providing an opportunity to learn more about particular medical conditions and cooking. Providing children with this knowledge can help them cope and support their family in practical ways.

Pre & post bereavement – due to the fluctuating nature of a child’s condition, pre-bereavement support enables preparation for the future. It allows continuity of care, a familiar face who knows the family story and the background, someone the family know and trust. This support can be provided as a family or individually throughout the child’s journey. We provide post bereavement support to existing and new families.

Memory making - Memory making activities and creating treasured keepsakes such as handprints and memory boxes are key bereavement support mechanisms for all members of the family. Families will go through significant changes in a variety of ways once a child has passed – from returning to work after being a full-time carer to losing a carer who has also been part of the family unit. 

Parental support – This can take place at home, or at a time and venue most appropriate for everyone. It is an opportunity to talk things through with someone, in a safe, comfortable and confidential setting. It may involve for example, talking about the changes in the child’s medical condition, any concerns for sibling behaviour and time to talk through things happening in the parent-carers own life. 

Advocate for child and family - Being an advocate for the child and family, attending multi agency or GIRFEC meetings or supporting families at appointments. The Charlie House Services Team can support families by attending appointments with parents that may require additional support. 

Signposting – We work alongside other organisations and can refer families to additional agencies as required and with the family’s consent.

Joint working – We work alongside the Charlie House Community Nurse and can provide joint visits, provide emotional or sibling support whilst the nurse is on a clinical/ medical visit.

Information and Peer Support – Charlie House operates a private, moderated Family Facebook page which supports families to share practical information with each other and enables peer support to the families. 

How To Get Support from Charlie House

If you are looking for support for your family for any of our services, you can let us know by completing a referral, this can be done by yourself or with support from a health professional on your behalf. 

You can download the referral form by clicking here. 

If you have any questions about completing a referral, any of our services, for further information or to discuss how we can provide support, please contact the family team

e:mail - familyteam@charliehouse.org.uk or 

Telephone - 01224 313333 

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